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Cad Project machines and plants for the dairy industry


Constantly close to our customers, from design to after-sale service

The company Cad Project S.r.l. has its roots in Mr Carlo Facchinetti’s talent and brilliant insight. In the early 1970s he started designing and manufacturing the first systems to support the dairy industry, based upon the traditional production of gorgonzola in the Novara area.
The company’s commitment and drive have led Cad Project to grow from a mere supplier into a major reference partner for dairy companies, drawing upon its customer support. Close cooperation with customers is essential to meet their most diverse requirements, tackling and solving any possible issues.

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The company’s success story sees its growth and expansion, while designing, manufacturing and improving a wider and wider range of cheese seasoning, cutting and packaging systems and equipment.
Relying on the use of innovative and technologically advanced design tools and the excellent knowhow of its engineering staff, Cad Project ensures the supply of cutting-edge systems, whose design and manufacturing is based on reduced-maintenance and practicality criteria. All our projects are carefully designed to combine traditional and automation processing.

The highly skilled level achieved so far is a key factor for Cad Project to provide bespoke professional solutions.

Today Cad Project can be proud of its position as a major market player. Its reliable direction has continued through the next generation with Facchinetti’s daughter, Tania, and her team, constantly seeking technological upgrades to provide customers with stronger support and innovative engineering solutions.

Our passionate drive goes on through company expansion.

Real progress happens only when advantages of a new technology become available to everybody

Henry Ford
Since 1996 we are always in constant search of new solutions that allow companies and entrepreneurs to constantly improve their production processes.

We support you at all stages

from designing to technical assistance

  • 1
    The projects are developed aiming for the most suitable solutions, both economically and technically.
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    The manufacture happens in Cad Project: this allows a control of every stage of production.
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    Cad Project, with its professional technicians, performs the installation and testing, as well as training personnel for the operation of machinery.
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    Technical support & Manteinance
    A supply chain, always well supplied, from a timely shipment of spare parts.