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Semi automatic machines for cutting cheeses with wire or traditional blade.

BP32 – Benchtop portioning system

BP32.8 – Semi automatic portioning machine

FZB – Semi automatic punching machine for mini Gorgonzola and Blue Cheese

PB25.2 – Small block portioning system

PCZ01 – Core cutting/punching system

PP120.1 – Wire-cut portioning system

PP120.2 – Wire-cut portioning system

TA48 – 1/4 -1/8 -1/16 cutting system

TC01 – Fixed-weight portioning system

TC02 – Portioning machine to calibrate weight for soft cheeses

TS – Segment portioning machine for gorgonzola

TVA – Semi automatic portioning machine in two halves

TVAR – Semi-automatic half-wheel portioner machine