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Machines, systems and complete lines for maturing, salting and dry brushing of cheeses such as gorgonzola, pecorino romano, taleggio, and plants for peeling and punching gorgonzola/blue cheese.

FZ2P – Twin-lane continuous punching system

FZ2PC – Twin-lane continuous punching system

FZ4P – Four-lane continuous punching machine

FZB – Semi automatic punching machine for mini Gorgonzola and Blue Cheese

FZM – Automatic punching machine for mini gorgonzola/ blue cheese

LASP – Automatic brushing/brining and dry salting line

LASS – Automatic twin-lane brushing/brining line

PFI – Heel and flat-face peeling system

RG – Round/block cheese brushing system

SAT 7 – Dry salting system with spraying

SPP – Round and block cheese brushing system

SZ1/2 – Continuous brining/brushing machine