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DS03 – Plastic trays destacker to 8 files

The destacker carryes out the the release of 2 plastic trays one at time, for the mould of 100gr (customizable). Thanks to a tourntable with 4 slots for 2 plastic trays each one; it’s get a storage of 800 pieces. In automatic the table rotates until the plastic trays ron out. It is present the teleassistance and PLC for allows the destacker.  Combinable to packaging line.

  • user friendly
  • big production/unload plastic trays
  • speed unload plastic trays adjustable though operaor pannel
  • combinable to packaging line
  • teleassistence
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ico timer 1
Output variable
Manufacturing material
AISI 304/316 stainless steel and blue POM-C
Power supply
400V 3PH+N+T 50Hz
Pneumatic supply
6 bar
Installed power
2 Kw
Overall dimensions (mm)
1.150 x 1.200 x h 1.600