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Refined cheese, specialized cut!

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Cheese that belongs to the stracchini family is native to the Po Valley and in particular to the area south of Milan, a typical area for the processing of soft cheeses. The etymology of the word “crescenza” seems to derive from the Latin crescentia, “to grow”, or from the Milanese dialect carsenza which means focaccia, and this for the particular characteristic of this cheese that, if kept in a warm environment, ferments and swells splitting as bread does during leavening. The Crescenza that today is produced all year round is a paste cheese, moist and creamy, spreadable, without holes, milky white.

Cad Project srl wants to pay a special tribute to all the Entrepreneurs and Companies that produce  Crescenza Cheese every day with professionalism, dedication and passion. Thanks to you, this cheese also becomes part of numerous gastronomic preparations that are consumed daily on the tables of Italians.  Cad Project srl wants to help you to be even more leader by giving you support in the automation of your production processes and specifically in PORTIONED CUTTING and related services.

TCV system – Portioning and insertion into a tray


The high specialization achieved in recent years, allows Cad Project to  offer professional solutions designed to measure. Thanks to the use of innovative technical tools both in design and implementation and the high specialized level of its technical staff, it is able to guarantee tailor-made solutions suitable for every need by merging traditional and automated processing. The cutting systems are designed to optimize costs with the absolute need to eliminate waste.

Professional ability, speed in problem solving, high technology and innovation in plant engineering, after-sales assistance and maintenance all in the same company structure, makes CAD PROJECT a reference partner for companies that want to improve their production process, the quality of work and an objective increase in margins with cost reduction

“Mediocrity has many more supporters of excellence, because, effort, study and training, are terms unknown to many.”