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The Customized of Cad Project

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For over thirty years we have been designing and manufacturing tailor-made machines for the FOOD sector. We were born in the “gorgonzola valley” and hence our origins, skills and studies. The art of cutting soft cheeses and then specializing in hard ones is our imprinting. On the requests of increasingly specific customers, thanks to our team, we study and propose solutions assisted by repeated tests before realization. The manufacturing processes change and change according to the types of CHEESES – CURED MEATS and the reference markets. The peculiarities, the facets, cannot be standardized and that is why CAD PROJECT has made the taylor made its focus, making it different and unique.

Designing a machine or a plant is like creating a tailor-made, unique and exclusive garment. We consider our workshop more an atelier, where the customer can see all the phases of realization of his plant/machine just like for the creation of a tailored garment.

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Professional skills, speed in problem solving, high technology and innovation in plant engineering, assistance and after-sales maintenance all in the same company structure, makes CAD PROJECT a reference partner for food companies. Our task is to improve production processes, reduce waste by ensuring product standardization, increase hygienic safety and quality of work. The reduction of costs and the increase in margins is our commitment, Cad Project, solves.

For your projects, contact your “trusted tailor” and you will have made a tailor-made and unique garment.

“Fashion is not just about clothes, but all kinds of changes”
Karl Lagerfeld