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The role of automation in production processes

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Automation is widely present in the food industry, thanks to mechanical, electronic and IT technologies for the control of all production processes. Food companies can count on CAD PROJECT which deals with the design, implementation and installation of customized solutions integrated with hardware and software components. Process automation provides technically advanced solutions, thanks to the configuration and development of DCS and PLC architectures, as well as SCADA software and operator panels, for individual machinery or entire production lines. Automation of production processes improves plant results and efficiency regardless of the size of the company.

Thanks to automation, food companies have high quality solutions, better handling and higher speed of production lines. This results in lower costs.  Companies are able to respond flexibly to market dynamics and the constantly evolving demands of the food sector. Consumers are constantly looking for new and high-quality products, possibly at low prices, giving food safety as a prerequisite. Markets are becoming increasingly globalized and in a competitive scenario like this, it is strategic to respond to market demands suddenly leaving nothing to chance.

Our machines and systems are designed and built with criteria of practicality and limited maintenance.  Professional ability, speed in problem solving, high technology and innovation in plant engineering, assistance and after-sales maintenance all in the same company structure, makes CAD PROJECT a reference partner. Our task is to improve margins, production processes, hygienic safety, quality of work with a reduction in waste and costs.

For your business, contact the professional, and together we will face the new challenges of the market as a partner and not as a simple supplier. Cad Project, solves.