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CAD makes everyone sliced

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Cutting hard cheeses, with regular surfaces and standard geometric shapes is a very easy task. But when precision is sought in the portioning of soft and creamy cheeses, distorting the standard canons of uniformity and compactness, the task becomes more difficult.

Thanks to the experience gained in the “GORGONZOLA VALLEY”, and with over thirty years of experience, today CAD Project is able to satisfy every particular portioning need for the most disparate national and international cheeses, CREAMY, SOFT and HARD.


The plants and machines built, always innovative and avant-garde, are able to portion cheeses with ultrasonic or traditional blade  with fixed and variable weight, with smooth and rock cutting.  Cad Project, thanks to the use of innovative technical tools both design and implementation and the high specialized level of its technical staff, is able to guarantee tailor-made solutions suitable for every need by merging traditional and automated processing.

Our machines and systems are designed and built with criteria of practicality and limited maintenance.  Professional ability, speed in problem solving, high technology and innovation in plant engineering, assistance and after-sales maintenance all in the same company structure, makes CAD PROJECT a reference partner. Our task is to improve margins, production processes, hygienic safety, quality of work with a reduction in waste and costs.

“When the going gets tough, the tough start playing.”
John Beluschi.