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FZB – Low cost compact shape

FZB - Low cost compact shape

Cad Project implements its semi-automatic machines making them even more ductile, performing and economical so that they can satisfy a greater audience of customers.

Last made is a SEMI-AUTOMATIC DRILLING MACHINE FZB model  with pneumatic feed for punching blue cheeses such as GORGONZOLA and BLUE CHEESE having small dimensions. The puncture allows air to enter inside and to develop mold faster.

Even a semi-automatic machine can be customized and made unique in its kind. Thanks to our know-how supported by our technical designers, we study and manufacture low cost solutions for portioning, drilling and brushing systems. Compact, completely sanitizable machines all in stainless steel with Pom-C food inserts in ce compliance with power supply options: air, electric or pneumatic electric.


FZB - Foratrice semi automatica


Impianti di porzionatura

The plants and machines built, always innovative and avant-garde, are able to portion cheeses with ultrasonic or traditional blade with fixed and variable weight, with smooth and rock cutting.  Cad Project, thanks to the use of innovative technical tools both design and implementation and the high specialized level of its technical staff, is able to guarantee tailor-made solutions suitable for every need by merging traditional and automated processing. The cutting systems are designed to optimize costs with the absolute need to eliminate waste.

To always be in line with a constantly evolving market, Cad Project has also implemented cutting-related systems such as brushing machines, dry salting machines, salters, oilers, waxing machines, drilling machines, peelers, scrapers, wrappers, injection systems for cheese filling, dosing systems for creamy cheeses, packaging lines and handling systems.

Professional ability, speed in problem solving, high technology and innovation in plant engineering, after-sales assistance and maintenance all in the same company structure, makes Cad Project a reference partner for dairy companies. Our task is to improve produc/en/services/tion processes, reduce waste by ensuring product standardization, increase hygienic safety and quality of work. Reducing costs and increasing margins is our commitment.

“There is real progress only when the benefits of a new technology become for everyone
Henry Ford