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Great shapes for a great Plant.
Welcome to F308!

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The line was created for the optimization of waste during cutting and heading. Ductile as it has the ability to process different types of cheeses in terms of size and compactness of dough.

The F308 has been designed to be able to name, cut into bars and slices the shapes of:

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  • Emmenthal Swiss round shape Ø 800 – 1000mm
  • Emmenthal Swiss square shape 750 X 750mm
  • Grana cheese Ø 480 – 500mm
  • Masdameer rectangular shape 500 x 250mm
  • Tilst rectangular shape 500 x 300mm

And more!

The F308 system is equipped with an edge detection system with features that until now were only available in complex laser measuring systems. The sensor gives the ability to measure the positions of edges, the width of objects or the width of a crack and the position of the center of an object. The projected laser line is reflected on the surface of the object and is projected via the principle of triangulation onto a two-dimensional optical receiver, while the specially developed multi-lens system ensures the necessary optical image quality. Along the laser line, the exact distance values of the object surface are measured with an accuracy of one tenth of a millimeter for an optimization during the cutting phase of the headers suitable for a radical improvement of the part to be discarded.

The F308 can be aligned to a subsequent CAD machine for fixed or variable weight portioning with ultrasonic or traditional blade.

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Our sales department is at your complete disposal to introduce you and inform you about the ductility and efficiencies of the F308 system.

“The price is what you pay, the value is what you get”
(Wareen Buffett)