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GMX4T - Complete line for stratification of the gorgonzola-mascarpone

The automatic line is manufactured for big production. It carries out the stratification of gorgonzola-mascarpone and its wrapping in tinfoil. It is formed by a loading conveyor belt, four moving and cutting groups, a group of batching for mascarpone and a wrapping machine The portioning is made by ultrasonic blades that cut in halves the shapes.

  • 2 types of wrapping
  • easy and fast replacement of the coil for the tinfoil
  • regulation of the batching of mascarpone
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ico timer 1
Output up to 1.200 pieces per hour
Manufacturing material
AISI 304/316 stainless steel and blue POM-C
Power supply
400V 3PH + T 50 Hz
Pneumatic supply
6 bar
Installed power
24 Kw
Overall dimensions (mm)
8.600 x 2.100 x h 2.500