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Montasio, goodness presents itself as a work of art

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It is said to have been created by an unknown monk of the Abbey of Moggio during the thirteenth century. Already in 1775, in San Daniele del Friuli, montasio appeared in the price lists, demonstrating that, by virtue of its high cost, it was considered of great value. The peculiarity of this “cheese” was to find a way of preserving a perishable product such as milk and to combat the food constraints of the harsh alpine winter.

Cad Project srl wants to pay a special tribute to all the Entrepreneurs and Companies that produce MONTASIO Cheese every day with professionalism, dedication and passion. Thanks to you, this cheese also becomes part of numerous gastronomic preparations that are consumed daily on all tables.  Cad Project srl wants to help you to be even more leader by giving you support in the automation of your production processes and specifically in PORTIONED CUTTING and related services.

The high specialization achieved in recent years, allows Cad Project to  offer professional solutions designed to measure. The plants and machines built, always innovative and avant-garde, are able to portion cheeses with ultrasonic or traditional blade  with  fixed and variable weight, with smooth and rock cutting. Cad Project, thanks to the use of innovative technical tools both design and implementation and the high specialized level of its technical staff, is able to guarantee tailor-made solutions suitable for every need by merging traditional and automated processing. The cutting systems are designed to optimize costs with the absolute need to eliminate waste.

Some cutting systems based on montasio seasoning:

Cutting with ultrasonic blade, TX220 SYSTEM:


Cutting with traditional or ultrasonic blade, ITD SYSTEM:


Cut with traditional bladeale IMPIANTO PPF:


Professional ability, speed in problem solving, high technology and innovation in plant engineering, after-sales assistance and maintenance all in the same company structure, makes CAD PROJECT a reference partner for dairy companies. Our task is to improve production processes, reduce waste by ensuring product standardization, increase hygienic safety and quality of work. Reducing costs and increasing margins is our commitment.

Best quality at the best cost, make Cad Project the reference partner for companies operating in the dairy sector. Our sales service is at your complete disposal to advise you on which machines or plants can support your company.