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CAD poker drops

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This hand is won easy, we drop the poker and do all in

Spanish restaurateurs will give life to this first QUESOS DOP italians festival by proposing our PDO excellences made in Italy enhancing their flavors and their unique and unrepeatable characteristics.

Four Italian cheeses with “nombre y apellido” (typical expression) Asiago PDO, Gorgonzola PDO, Pecorino Sardo PDO and Taleggio PDO are fascinating cheeses, well known to Spanish consumers, but with a long way to go. In each of them are concentrated centuries of dairy wisdom deeply linked to the respective territories of origin and, however, they are extraordinarily modern products, with very wide flavors, caskets of precious nutritional properties. With a strong personality and at the same time easy to use, they are very versatile in the kitchen and, thanks to their different types and stages of seasoning, they lend themselves to enormous possibilities of combination, as you can discover during the QUESOS DOP Italianos Festival.

Cad Project srl wants to pay a special tribute to all the entrepreneurs and companies that produce daily with professionalism, dedication and passion these Italian TOP DOP.  Thanks to you, this cheese also becomes part of numerous gastronomic preparations that are consumed daily on tables all over the world.  Cad Project srl wants to help you to be even more leader by giving you support in the automation of your production processes and specifically in PORTIONED CUTTING and related services.

The high specialization achieved in recent years, allows Cad Project to offer tailor-made professional solutions. Thanks  to the use of innovative technical tools for both design and construction and  the high specialized level of its technical staff, it is able to guarantee tailor-made solutions suitable for every need by merging traditional and automated processing. The cutting systems are designed to optimize costs with the absolute need for the elimination of waste.



Professional skills, speed in problem solving, high technology and innovation in plant engineering, assistance and after-sales maintenance all in the same company structure, makes CAD PROJECT a reference partner for dairy companies. Our task is to improve production processes, reduce waste by ensuring product standardization, increase hygienic safety and quality of work. Reducing costs and increasing margins is our commitment.

“Todo lo que puede ser imaginado es real.”
Pablo Picasso