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TZX2T – Ultrasonic portioning line to fixed-weight for Gorgonzola and placing into plastic containers

The line carries out the portioning into fixed weight segments. The production data are set by
operator panel. The operator loads the half form of gorgonzola: automatically the line cuts into
half (therefore 1/4 of form) and after in fixed weight slices. Then they are placed in plastic
containers. The cut is made by ultrasonic blade. Thanks to two heads of portioning is get high

  • two cutting moulds work indipendent
  • videocamera for control the end of line
ico timer 1
Output up to 3,600 portions/hr
Manufacturing material
AISI 304/316 stainless steel and blue POM-C
Power supply
400V 3PH + T 50 Hz
Pneumatic supply
6 bar
Installed power
16 Kw
Overall dimensions (mm)
5.400 x 3.400 x h 2.200